fantech Air Exchanger Filter Kit Part No. 414924


fantech Air Exchanger Filter Kit Part No. 414924

  • Manufacturer:  Systemair Inc.
  • Brand Name:   fantech 
  • Description:    Genuine fantech Merv-8 air filters (2-Pack) 
  • Part Number:  414924
  • Compatibility:   Please see below
  • Filter Nominal Size:   8.5″ x 15″ 

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Filter,MERV8,150 cfm,Repl.kit

MERV8 Filter kit, 150 cfm, 2 pcs, 8.5″x15″

Item Number: 414924

Replacement filter kit features 2 cleanable synthetic filters with MERV8 rating. The filters will collect mold spores, pollen, cement dust, carpet fibers, debris, lint, and insects.

With normal usage, it is recommended that you vacuum clean the filter every month and replace every 3 months.

The kit includes 2 filters.

Suitable for VHR1404, VHR1405R, VHR150, VHR150R, VER150, SHR150, SHR150R and SER1504N.



For FREE Technical Support, please contact fantech at 1-800-565-3548

(please have your unit model number & serial number handy when calling)

NOTE: In order to ensure your ventilation unit remains in good working condition, you must use fantech genuine replacement parts only. Any third party replacement part used may cause serious damage and drastically reduce the performance level of your unit, which will result in premature failures.



  • Manufacturer:  Systemair Inc.
  • Brand Name:   fantech 
  • Description:    Genuine fantech Merv-8 air filters (2-Pack) 
  • Part Number:  414924
  • Compatibility:   Please see below
  • Filter Nominal Size:   8.5″ x 15″