The Role of Humidifiers in the Home


As the name suggests, humidifiers are designed to increase the humidity (moisture) in a building. In your home, the HVAC system or furnace humidifier runs throughout the whole house. Humidifiers are mainly used to focus on a specific area or room within a building.

There are two main types of humidifiers offered:

  1. Warm mist
  2. And cool mist.

Both options are effective in moistening the air —the main difference being the temperature of mist produced. When deciding to go for a warm or cool mist humidifier, consider certain aspects of your living situation:

What is the climate like that you live in?

If your environment is naturally cooler, then a warm mist humidifier can also work to warm your home. This same thinking applies if you live in a warmer environment; you will probably want a humidifier that produces cooler air.

Do you have children?

In the case of warm mist humidifiers, hot water or steam can burn a child if he or she gets too close. If you are considering a warm mist humidifier in your house, you must ensure that your children do not interact with it.

Why is a Humidifier Important?

Maintaining proper moisture levels in your home can prevent health issues.

  • Relieve Sinusitis: Dry air can impede the sinuses ability to drain properly. Adding moisture to the air is good for maintaining overall sinus health—particularly if you are dealing with congestion and sinusitis.
  • Support Lovely Skin: Sleeping with a humidifier can be great for dry skin. Consistent moisture levels in the air prevent dehydration in your skin. The following morning you will notice your skin doesn’t feel as dry or cracked.
  • Nasal Issues: A humidifier assists in keeping your nasal passages lubricated, which can help with preventing nose bleeds and quickening healing. If you’re suffering from a cold, allergies or asthma, keeping your nasal passages lubricated can accelerate your body’s healing.
  • Lessen Snoring: The moisture created by a humidifier can prevent your throat from drying out overnight. Depending on who the snorer is in your house, a humidifier can help you or your partner have more restful nights.

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