Why Equip Your Home with a Wireless Thermostat?

Why Equip Your Home with a Wireless Thermostat?

Sundry technologies exist for improving the modern home’s energy efficiency. While most new builds still come standard with analogue thermostats, installing a Wi-Fi panel can greatly enhance the heating and cooling systems. Although some homeowners think wireless thermostats are novel, there are many overlooked advantages.

Fully Remote Controllable

Wireless thermostats are less about the connectivity and more about the control. Sure, changing the temperature from an app saves a walk to the thermostat, but there’s a bigger picture—the ability to change the temperature from anywhere in the world.

Consider how you could adjust your thermostat during your next vacation. Moreover, think about how useful it would be to program temperature changes based on the time of day. For instance, you can set the temperature to lower at night and then gradually rise until you wake. Same can apply for weekends when you go away.

Reporting and Alerting

To add to the allure of mobility, wireless thermostats often push notifications to their connected devices, informing homeowners of several things:

  1. Current indoor conditions;
  2. Forecasted outdoor weather;
  3. Past energy consumption trends.

Knowing your energy usage is an essential first step in becoming a more energy conscious homeowner. After all, how can you practice conservation if you have no data to benchmark? Apps help in this regard, showing where you’re spending the most energy. They can also alert you of maintenance calls.

Beautiful Home Accessory

Wireless thermostats are sleek. A lot of work goes into designing the user interface, too, so the product adds to the home’s aesthetic when the screen is on or off. Digital accessories are an integral part of contemporary design.

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